Led power supplies

Modules, led power supplies and dimmers

L’Arson Nuova produces and markets power supplies for different types of LEDs. At the basis of such a prolonged and successful presence there is not only the competence, essential in the technological field, which in fifty years has naturally grown continuously, but also and above all that work perspective that has distinguished us since our first day, and that even today, when we have the most precise and avant-garde tools, it remains essentially artisanal.


High quality professional led power supplies


Electronic ballasts are the heart of all those devices that today constitute a fundamental element of daily life: telephones, toys, household appliances, electro-medical devices, computers: the market for power supplies is truly infinite.

But if for many manufacturers this means that it is more advantageous to focus on a few very popular products, things are different for us since we address the customer in a personalized way in order to satisfy their retail requests.

Led spotlights, Led bars, Led strips: new lighting tools that are now spreading thanks to excellent performance and very interesting consumption, and which require a constant current power supply and therefore specific, specially developed power supplies. Our LED power supplies are available in all necessary powers, and can also be developed to measure if necessary; for all of them it is possible to insert a dimmer, so as to allow the regulation of the light intensity.

Among the types of power supplies for LEDs present in the company and available for customized production, we mention the power supplies for DIMMABLE LEDs, the power supplies for CONSTANT VOLTAGE or CONSTANT CURRENT LEDs, the power supplies for WATERPROOF LEDs, the power supplies for SUPER LEDs and the power supplies for LEDs. SLIM. Which one is right for you? Come visit.

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Linear electronic power supplies, LED power supplies, switching and Ac / Dc power supplies, DC adapters, both standard and on specific request: L’Arson Nuova designs, manufactures and markets power supply devices and battery chargers for any industrial need. In our offer you will also find lithium chargers, production of power supplies and much more. We are waiting for you.