Electronic power supplies

PoE electronic ballasts and customized linear electronic ballasts

Since 1964, the year of our foundation, L’Arson Nuova has been present, in a significant position, on the market for electronic power supplies (both switching and linear) and battery chargers.

At the basis of such a prolonged and successful presence there is not only technological competence but also and above all that of essentially artisanal work.


Production of standard and customized electronic ballasts

Linear electronic power supplies, switching power supplies and Ac / Dc power supplies, as well as DC adapters, both standard and on specific request: L'Arson Nuova designs, manufactures and markets power supply and battery charger devices for any industrial need and always able to satisfy any request in detail.

The electronic power supplies of the PoE series have been designed to guarantee the power supply via RJ45 cable of the devices and peripherals connected to the PoE ports: just think, for example, of devices such as IP cameras, VoIP telephones, access points, hot spots wi-fi and many other devices intended for different uses. The main strength of this type of electronic power supply consists above all in the practical simplification that results as the only wiring to do is a LAN network cable and no connection to the electrical socket to connect the power supply itself on site.

This feature becomes extremely useful especially when the installation point is inconvenient and far from electrical sockets. Through the LAN cable, both the power and the data connection necessary for its operation will be supplied to the PoE device, with a consequent and enormous reduction in costs and installation speed, without necessarily having to be near a power outlet. Finally, electronic ballasts of this type are also protected against current overloads and short circuits.

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If what you need is a manufacturer of linear and switching power supplies that can both provide you with standard products and develop a unique project for you, contact us immediately, you will find a quality reference point that can help you carry out your project in a professional and technologically competent way. L’Arson Nuova has been working for over 50 years to offer the best in the field of electronic power supplies, industrial power supplies, batteries and chargers.