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Types of batteries, LiFePo4 batteries and NiMh NiCd batteries with L’Arson Nuova


Arson Nuova produces and customizes different types of batteries for different uses, both in the workplace and in the play field. Arson Nuova has been in business for over 50 years and, throughout its entire period of activity, has been able to evolve to offer its customers increasingly innovative and sophisticated products, suitable for satisfying the innovation present in today's market. . Professionalism and competence are added to totally handcrafted and tailor-made products.

A battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy, typically used as a current generator or voltage generator for powering electrical circuits and electrical devices. The types of batteries can have different shapes but all batteries always have two opposite polarities, the positive and the negative.

The distinction of batteries is based on size and voltage, and each battery is suitable for recharging various machines and instruments, from the smallest to the largest devices. What changes in batteries of different sizes are basically the amperes that grow with increasing size and it is precisely the amperes that determine the intensity of the current or more simply the duration of the battery.

The company’s production includes LiFePo4 batteries, industrial-type lithium batteries with lithium iron phosphates (LiFePo4) technology, specific for certain needs.

NiMh and NiCd batteries are also among the production of Arson Nuova: the first are those rechargeable batteries in which the anode, which has the task of absorbing hydrogen, is an alloy, namely nickel and metal hydride. The latter, on the other hand, are made up of nickel and cadmium for other types of performance.

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The Arson Nuova always recommends not to leave the batteries in hot environments because they lose charge and in some cases you can even risk the explosion, never try to puncture them or in any case tamper with them and not to mix the various brands due to the different technologies. For any other advice and for customized requests for batteries, lithium chargers, lead chargers and chargers, we are waiting for you at our office or at our telephone contacts.