Power supply production

Production of industrial power supplies, switching and linear power supplies

The production of customized power supplies based on customer requests is one of the services of L’Arson Nuova company that perfectly combines innovation and competence with craftsmanship based on the customer’s personalized requests.

In particular, the production of power supplies is a very profitable sector for L’Arson Nuova that always manages to satisfy customers in the best possible way.


Production of tailor-made power supplies for different needs between innovation and craftsmanship

The market for linear or switching electronic power supplies is today characterized by needs which, if they are often standardized, often require specific modifications and customizations that must be made in an artisanal way.

And it is precisely in these cases that the approach of L’Arson Nuova artisans allows the company to devote itself to the design and construction of each new power supply model, perfectly calibrated on the exact and specific requests of the customer, in order to fully satisfy them. .

In any case, all the artisanal production is accompanied by absolutely modern guarantees, from quality controls throughout the processing phase, to the testing of the finished product carried out with automatic devices, to the CE certification that accompanies every product, standard or customized, that comes out. from the company factory.

The production of power supplies is thus present in the company activity in a totally personalized way and, at the same time, always guaranteed by specific checks and tests in order to offer customers products that are always safe from every point of view and which eliminate any risk factor during the their use.

Contact us for the request for customized power supplies according to your needs

The world of made-to-measure and customized products has also found ample space at L’Arson Nuova which, in over 50 years, has been able to make its real workhorse from the customized production of power supplies, battery chargers, batteries and switched or LED power supplies. We are waiting for you on site or at our telephone contacts for your individual needs in the field of industrial or other power supplies. We are always ready to provide the best products and as close to your individual requests as possible.