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Who we are

Since 1964, the year of our foundation, Arson Nuova has been present, in a significant position, on the market for electronic power supplies (both switching and linear) and battery chargers. At the basis of such a prolonged and successful presence there is not only the competence, essential in the technological field, which in these fifty years has naturally been continuously increasing, but also and above all that work perspective that distinguishes us since from our first day, and that even today, when we have the most precise and avant-garde tools, it remains essentially artisanal.


The craftsmanship

The market for linear and switching electronic power supplies is in fact characterized by needs which, if they often align with a standard, just as often deviate from it for some specificity, which must be satisfied in order to carry out a project.

And it is precisely in these numerous cases that our approach as craftsmen allows us to dedicate ourselves to the design and construction of a new power supply model, perfectly calibrated on the exact and specific requests of the customer, in order to fully satisfy them. All of course, as we said, by combining this traditional perspective with absolutely modern technologies and guarantees, from quality controls throughout the processing phase, to the testing of the finished product carried out with automatic devices, to the CE certification that accompanies each product, standard or customized, which comes out of our factory.

If what you need is a linear and switching power supply manufacturer who can both provide you with standard products and develop a unique project for you, contact us now.

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